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General Global Real Estate
Industry Insights

The impact of technology on construction in 2020

AZ Big Media article: In the past decade, we saw technology advancing at breakneck speed, and our dependence on technology in every area of our lives and business is growing rapidly. These trends are only going to carry on into the...

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General Global Office Market
Industry Insights

The story of Applied at Mindspace

Applied, a global software company that provides unbiased recruitment tools that help businesses implement a fair and inclusive hiring process, was starting to grow and like many startups that are scaling, needed bigger and better...

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General Global Property Technology
Industry Insights

Editor's Letter: A look ahead at the new PropTech report from Oxford University

On February 25th, Professor Andrew Baum and his team at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford, will release PropTech 2020: the Future of Real Estate, the much-anticipated follow up to their milestone 2017 publication PropTech...

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General Global Hotel Market
Industry Insights

The Case for Pop-Up Hotels

GlobeSt article: Space arbitrage enables a business to capitalize on the potential to offer physical space for new alternative revenues without assuming lease risk. This is an external article and you will need to click on the link...

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General Global Residential Market
Industry Insights

Privacy Please: CCPA and the Multifamily Industry

Multifamily Executive article: When the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in 2018, some U.S. companies ignored it, assuming that the laws applied only to European companies. They began to pay more...

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General Global Property Technology
Research Documents

Altus Group: CRE Innovation Report (2020)

From Innovation to Value in Commercial Real Estate This year’s Altus Group CRE Innovation Report examines how the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is advancing towards adoption and use of data and technology while taking a...

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Cleo Folkes, SPR committee member

“Members of the SPR committee and I who use Infabode find it’s a great way to find reports delivered on your doorstep that we otherwise would have missed. It’s great to find some brilliant reports we didn’t even know existed”

David Hutchings, Cushman & Wakefield

“Infabode is a valued extra resource for our team, proving useful as a convenient portal to seek out research on specific topics but also for the “accidental” exposure it affords to new material via the site itself or the regular emails we receive on the latest research offerings.”

Andrew Baum, Chairman, University of Oxford

“My MBA class at Oxford has 100 students from 40 different countries, with only a few British students. The students from other countries really do not know where to go to get Real Estate information. They can use Google, but they will get a huge number of websites to go through. The idea of Infabode is that you have got one place where you can go and get information about the entire global real estate market."

Sean Rymell, UBS Asset Management

“I use Infabode as my one-stop shop for real estate news. It's a great way to get an all round view of what's going on in the industry when you're short on time.”