We are strongly commited to providing the world's best Real Estate content on a secure platform. Our advertisers will be carefully selected to ensure that they are relevant and useful to our users.

Infabode provides some of the most targeted advertising in the industry. Infabode is committed to pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships by offering both flexible options and competitive pricing.

Our Audience is influential and highly connected. Our 18,000+ subscribers spanning 1000+ companies, are from a cross section of disciplines; from Real Estate investment, brokerage, construction, development, finance, property management, PropTech, corporate real estate and real estate services, as well as a high number of students and academics. If you think that we can assist you in maximising your marketing presence and impact, please get in touch.

Current Marketing Packages

We currently have four packages to choose from. Each of these packages is offered in a Bronze / Silver / Gold pricing structure, to suit your any budget.

General Brand Advertising

If you’re interested in brand awareness then Infabode will automatically display your advert across the whole platform for maximum exposure.

Hub Sponsorship

Perfect for businesses that want to target users who are interested in a particular sector (e.g. London office market). Your companies brand will appear exclusively at the top of the live feed for the sector(s) of your choice.

E-digest Sponsorship

Take prime advertising position in the header of our daily digest emails, taking your business directly to our users’ inboxes.

Promoted Content

If you are a content partner of ours, you can promote articles and press releases to broaden your announcements.

Strengthen your brand by advertising on

If you advertise with us, you will be assigned an advertising account manager. We will monitor and discuss your Infabode advert with you on a regular basis, and at no extra charge, you will be able to make changes to your advert on a monthly basis.

If you would be interested in exploring Infabode's wide range of hyper-targeted promotion opportunities, please contact us.