About Infabode

Infabode is a solution to a modern problem...

The web has become overloaded with information and it's made accessing industry information particularly frustrating and expensive.

We are a free platform which allows important disparate real estate information, data and views from across the globe to be held in one place.

Our members can customise their research feed and access leading RE industry insights from over 650+ content partners.

We are solving the problem of Real Estate information being spread across the web and the time constraints in accessing it.

We cover these industry sectors across the globe:

Accounting, Alternative Sectors, Capital Markets & Economics, Debt, General Markets, Hotels, Industrial, Investment Vehicles, Legal, Logistics, Mixed Use, Offices, Residential, Retail, Rural, Student Halls, Sustainability, Property Technology

Tailored subscription

Upon registering, you will be asked to select your areas of interest, as well as the type of content you want to receive. This is so you can customise your feed for a tailored experience.

You will automatically receive a daily digest email. These will give you an overview of new content in your areas of interest. If you want up-to-the-minute updates on the go, follow us on twitter or download our app!

Content Marketing

If you work for a real estate company and are looking to expand your reach, we offer a free content marketing service, for those creating interesting and relevant industry content. We can even provide analytics on this content, giving you valuable insight into who is reading what. Find out more here.

Advertising Platform

We also have one of the most highly targeted advertising platforms in the industry. Please get in touch if you would like to explore our digital marketing opportunities at hello@infabode.com.

What do our members say?

“Members of the SPR committee and I who use Infabode find it’s a great way to find reports delivered on your doorstep that we otherwise would have missed. It’s great to find some brilliant reports we didn’t even know existed” Cleo Folkes, SPR committee member Cleo Folkes, SPR committee member

"Essential information research in one integrated solution; priceless" James Dearsley

“Infabode is a valued extra resource for our team, proving useful as a convenient portal to seek out research on specific topics but also for the “accidental” exposure it affords to new material via the site itself or the regular emails we receive on the latest research offerings.” David Hutchings, Head of Investment Strategy EMEA Capital Markets Cushman & Wakefield

"My MBA class at Oxford has 100 students from 40 different countries, with only a few British students. The students from other countries really do not know where to go to get Real Estate information. They can use Google, but they will get a huge number of websites to go through. The idea of Infabode is that you have got one place where you can go and get information about the entire global real estate market. For example, if you want to research London offices, you can type in London Offices and you will find a Savills report, a Knight Frank report, a JLL report - everything you want to know..."

"It clearly works for the user, because they have got one place to go to get information. It should work for the suppliers of information as well, because they are promoting their brand to a global marketplace of people who will at some point be the senior decision makers in the Real Estate market”. Andrew Baum, Visiting Professor, Said Business School, University of Oxford University