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Infabode works with a network of content partners to provide a one-stop shop for real estate industry research and insights.

Infabode provides a platform that enables our users to analyse global industry sectors, while also increasing the reach of our content providers information to a highly targeted audience.

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Global Industry Sectors

Infabode covers global regions across UK & Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, United States of America and South America with locations continuing to grow.

The platform enables our members to choose from the real estate sectors they are interested in and connects them with information from the following markets:

Accounting / Alternative Sectors / Legal / Debt / Rural Student Halls / Hotels / Sustainability / Technology / Mixed Use Logistics Office / Retail / Investment Vehicles / Residential
Capital Markets & Economics / Industrial

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General US Residential Market
Industry Insights

Which City Is More Affordable San Francisco or New York City?

Posted in General US Residential Market by Tim and Julie Harris

StreetEasy’s Cost of Living Calculator compared housing costs, incomes, transportation costs and even bike-ability in New York City and San Francisco to determine which of these two cities are more affordable. Here...

12 hours ago
China Capital Markets & Economics
Industry Insights

Does it matter if China gets old before it gets rich?

Posted in China Capital Markets & Economics by Schroders

It is well known that China faces an aging problem. The popular narrative has it that China surged up the growth league tables on the back of its giant population, reaping years of demographic dividends to become the world’s second...

13 hours ago
General Global Hotel Market
Industry Insights

Marriott International reveals three-year growth plan

Posted in General Global Hotel Market by Hotel Owner

Marriott International has revealed its three-year growth plan, which includes opening more than 1,700 hotels around the world. At its meeting today (18 March) with institutional investors and security analysts at the New...

13 hours ago

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